Are you a Leader?

Editorial by Carolina M. Billings

Are you a Leader?

Good, now it is time to take action.

November is the official month for awareness and action to end Violence against women with November 25th being designated International day to end violence against women by the United Nations.

There is a quote often used in business that says “A goal without a deadline is a wish”.  Likewise, “Leadership without Action an illusion.” And in the world of humans, leadership that makes this earth a better place is the ultimate leadership of all.  

The word Leadership conjures a range of representations, from power, responsibility, status, success to discipline and good character.  But what does Leadership really mean?  Most important when is it effective? And How can we tell?

The pursuit of Social Justice is the job of the empowered.  Leadership and Power comes with responsibility not just rewards.  When we look at pictures or hear news of war or crimes we understand the hurt.  It is almost always clear to identify the victim and the assailant. 

Violence against the vulnerable occurs in plain sight.  Someone you know or someone that looks perfectly normal can easily be a victim or a perpetrator.  It may be happening in your co-worker’s home, at your office, at school, to your children, your family, your friends.  Women, Men and Children can be functioning victims of violence.  A deep dark shameful secret they carry with them.   

Violence is a spectrum.  It is not only broken bones.  Abuse be it physical, mental, economical, psychological.  I am always shocked when someone takes their own life caving into the suffering or take drastic measures for survival or self-agency and so many familiar people are caught by surprise.

Now more than ever the women are slowing beginning to speak their truth.  And the truth is it is time to take responsibility and ownership of our collective safety.  I believe that women need to be driving force behind social impact and social justice to protect and shine a light against normalized behavior that is destroying not only lives, but futures and generations by perpetuating a broken system that allows for it to continue.

Powerful Women Today’s mission and vision is to Champion and Empower Women’s Emotional and Financial Independence with a special promise to make sure No Woman is Left Behind.  That is why aside from being a Boutique Accelerator for Women’s Success we set aside 10% of our net operational proceeds to fight for social justice and be a social impact leader specially to the vulnerable.   Our not-for-profit philanthropic foundation PWT Foundation is the vehicle that enables us to  “Be the difference we wish to see in the world.”

So join us November 25th 2019 at our Networking Gala or

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join us in your own way to make this world a better place.   Use the hashtag #PowerfulWomenToday and share with us your call to action.

Carolina M. Billings

Founder, Powerful Women Today