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My mission is to help people and organizations maximize and realize their potential. Through various relationships, communications, conversations, presentations, seminars & special events, I connect with people to exchange insights & information that will help lift our collective level of thinking and empower all parties to create value. 

Specialties: business development, leadership & professional development, empowering entrepreneurs, public speaking, seminar / workshop creation & delivery, marketing & communications, event planning & coordination, writing, business analytics.

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Sheri L. Kurtz holds an advanced diploma in Advertising and Public Relations from St. Lawrence College and holds numerous certificates from various institutions in the field of medical aesthetics.
Building from her early experiences as Manager of the family marina in Haliburton, she became an early pioneer in the field of medical aesthetics when she founded the Sherlase Clinic Inc. in 1999, and her keen entrepreneurial spirit rapidly grew it to become a leading provider serving the Greater Markham area.

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 Did you know that LinkedIn is the number one professional network in the world with over 500 million members?

 I can show you how to build a powerful and active presence on LinkedIn so you can attract your next amazing career opportunity or generate leads for your business. My services include LinkedIn assessments, profile writing, one on one coaching for beginners and advanced users (including customized business development strategies for entrepreneurs).


Based on my former role as the head of digital marketing for KPMG in Canada, I specialize in showing my clients how to be seen as a thought leader or industry expert on LinkedIn.

 Please connect with me on LinkedIn for more information on my credentials and services or email me at sabita@trivetta.com for a free 30-minute consultation.


Area of impact: Mitigating risk and building contingencies for business owners and life. 

As an independent insurance advisor with a background in accounting, I provide clients with professional advice for both their personal and business insurance needs. 

The cost of healthcare today is the biggest disrupter to our finances. Using risk management and financial planning tools, I specialize in providing self employed and small business owners with the most tax efficient healthcare and insurance strategies available in Canada. 

On the individual side, I show you how to plan for the future you want -protecting your family, preserving your lifestyle and how to get the medical care you need, when you need it.

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Area of Impact: Creating programs for corporate clients.

Learn how to become a Trusted Advisor and the rest will fall into place.

To get you started on the right path, feel free to sign up for a complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute strategy session. Bring your most pressing challenge or question and you’ll walk away with at least 2 strategies you can implement right away.

If you’re really serious about landing corporate clients the right way, then I encourage you to take the time to do this for yourself and your business. Go here to sign up, and I’ll speak to you soon!

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I am a happiness and resiliency trainer, author, speaker, coach and facilitator. I have spoken for more than 400,000 audience members and have privately trained over 1000 individuals, because it is my absolute favorite thing to do…spreading happiness and hope. I live to inspire hope and love; to encourage you to heal; to create more happiness and gratitude in your life, and to do so in spite of the many challenges you have faced.


Unique among HR Consultants is my ability to provide practical business minded HR solutions and strategies based on 15 years as part owner of a national engineering firm. 

The key to business success is understanding and building a business where the foundation starts with its people. A creator of an award winning best work culture, 50 Best Workplaces in Canada – top 10 for 2 consecutive years, I know the value of people to Business Success. The results are improved productivity, strong workplace culture, enhanced employee satisfaction and increased retention. I help businesses, their owners and their people in “Developing People and Business Success”.


Jackie Porter, CFP, Toronto, is an award winning financial planner serving busy professionals, entrepeneurs and their famillies for 18 years. She has been featured on CBC, Sun TV and  BNN. Jackie is also a regular contributor to SLAW Tips, Investment Executive,  Wealth Professional and Divorce Journal.   She  was recently named a FINALIST in the Wealth Professional Women of Influence Award for 2017. The co-author of Single By Chance or By Choice, Jackie is a leading expert in women and money, and a powerful voice in the world of women’s financial empowerment.

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I’m Catherine Kerr – a warrior with 20 years of experience in sales, consulting and facilitation and a background in acting, boxing and psychology.

I work with FEARLESS sales leaders who want to create and sustain a team of high performing warriors who are inspired and energized to break through boundaries and maximize their results.

There’s a courageous warrior inside all of us. And it’s my mission to help your employees discover – and unleash – theirs.


Tammy Cunningham is a Facilitation & Content Expert with over 20 years experience. She works with leaders so they can handle any room so they may never be blindsided again in any meeting seminar, workshop or large scale group. Working with people and understanding the layers and filters that they are experiencing the world through is essential for leaders. Having a set of your own tools and methods are powerful.
Whether you’re facilitating personal growth workshops, doing one on one work with people, or even if you’re a manager in a company or organization, understanding how to work with people will make you a powerful leader.
I work with those who:
want to become facilitators
already are facilitators and want to deepen their experience
manage people and/or teams
coaches and mentors
those interested in a deeper understanding of human nature
trainers interesting in designing workshops, retreats and trainings
Through curriculum and class creation, workshops and trainings, Tammy brings a new level of excellence to group work.


Karla is committed to helping professional women live their best career life: confident, respected, heard and valued as leaders, making the money they deserve, the feminine way.  Karla, CEO of LivLove.ca, loves living in the country as a mom of three children and embracing her feminine leadership. 

kary Odiatu
My mission is inspiring people to take action with their health and wellness goals. Impacting the physical health of Leaders whether they be CEO’s, Office Managers, or Stay at Home Mom’s, will result in better performance, increase in energy, and improved self-efficacy. These results will expand to the leader’s circle of influence, improving lives world wide.
krisha young

Krisha Young is the Delicious Life Coach and Sabotage Slayer for kick-ass women to power up their possible and lead a Delicious Life. Slicing through synapses to shed self-sabotage, and having spent 20+ years working alongside C-Suite executives, and overcoming her own lifestyle challenges, she is the catalyst for stressed-out changemakers to go from jaded to juiced. Creator of the Delicious Life Movement, Krisha is a transformative partner in power for leading-edge women. Featured in the Huffington Post, Joyous Health, and iHeart Radio, Krisha hosts the Cabernet and Kale podcast and is a sought-after speaker on how to get out of your own way and live your most Delicious Life.

leslie edwards

Leslie Edwards is helping ambitious single professional women unleash their inner goddess to find the love of their life. Coauthor of best-selling Love & Coaching with Men are from Mars expert Dr John Gray, I am passionate about the kind of love that unlocks our greatest potential, and finding love with way more ease! My mission is for women to know that we are always supported & guided by wisdom & truth greater than we can fathom. A conspiracy by the divine & your own feminine inner goddess, to accept this natural power to fulfill your deepest desires. 

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I believe necessity is the mother of invention.

 I was raised by immigrant parents who believed in the value of owning versus renting when it came to real estate. As a child i watched them grow their wealth this way. I was grateful to have this reference early in my life.

With little means, I purchased my first house in my 20s when in between freelance work in film, I haphazardly bought my first home, taking full advantage of the 5% down payment allowed to first home buyers. Instinctively I knew it had to be a Duplex to sustain me and my modest means at the time. All at once I became a property owner, a landlord and an investor in the Junction. I grew from that property and expanded purchasing many more.


The fear of the know became greater than the fear of the unknown

My greatest fears and strengths were realized when I found myself unexpectedly and reluctantly a single parent, A role I avoided until I could no longer. With faith and determination, research and knowledge of where and how to invest, I leveraged my resources to carry us and grow. I discovered that I can do this. I went on to upgrade and hold these and more investments and show others how to do the same.



My philosophy of owning rather than renting has gifted me the ability to inspire and guide clients to happier, independent and wealthier lives.


I teach my clients to fish 

I recently sold a property to a Buyer who was looking at one of my rentals. I converted her, a single mom, who did not think she could afford to purchase a house. When I mentioned that if she could afford my rent of 2200, then why pay my mortgage when you can get your own place and pay your own. I got her a property within a month with a basement apartment and then I showed her how to be a Landlord. 


Real estate is your Biggest Investment and Biggest Asset, I believe being your Realtor is about personalized service. 

I also recently worked with a commercial investor and was able to find him a well priced industrial space in an up and coming area with access to the highway, where affordable inventory for commercial space is scarce. We searched in the city but with warehouse space at a premium, I convince him that we should expand our search. We purchased a 3 acre space with a 30,000 square foot warehouse for just over a million in the Durham area close enough to his business and major routes. It had been overlooked because of it’s location and condition. In just a few months it’s value has grown significantly. 


Expanding and helping people realize their possibilities in Real Estate is my passion. With Experience and knowledge, I have developed a keen eye and listening ear for specific needs and finding the right property for those I serve. My Goal is to earn the role as your Real Estate Consultant for life. 

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I’ve worked with top Hollywood A-listers, rock-n-roll icons, professional and amateur athletes, (including runners, bikers, basketball players, skiers, golfers and tennis players.) I’ve worked with people of all ages from teens to seniors, creating bodies that grow younger with increased chronological age, and bodies that are increasingly pain free and fluid. My signature system, The Burch Method is proven to create a timeless, painless and radiant body. It is unparalleled and promises relief and high performance no matter what your current status.

To learn more about The Burch Method and all Erin’s customized programs and workshops, visit https://theburchmethod.com/ or email Erin directly at: erin@theburchmethod.com.

To view Erin’s Facebook videos: https://www.facebook.com/TheBurchMethod/

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Flexible solutions for your business’ financial needs.  I am passionate about helping business owners succeed. I do this by providing small and medium size companies the financial solutions they need to grow at their full potential. All too often companies miss opportunities for growth due to a lack of funding. It is sad to see companies turn away sales or not being able to fulfill orders due to the lack of working capital. Our financial solutions improve our clients’ liquidity allowing them to increase revenues and operate more efficiently.

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Founder of Powerful Women Today a forum for the empowerment and optimization of women’s status and lives.  

I have had the great pleasure to have worked with inspiring business leaders in my corporate experience.  Helping grow businesses has been a very rewarding career.  Having experienced a scaffolding path from finance to HR to Leadership to the C-Suite helped prepare for the ultimate role in my life, that of entrepreneur and founder of a social enterprise.  Living your life on purpose with intention and mindfulness towards a greater good is the ultimate experience.  I am grateful every day to be able to work with such talented and powerful leaders truly making a difference in the wold and in women’s lives often at great sacrifice.  

Thank you for coming to our site and hopefully being part of a movement to “Champion and Empower Women’s Financial and Emotional Independence”

With Loving Kindness


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Cheryl Ivaniski is a Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Dr. Holistic Medicine,  Leading Health Authority, Wellness Strategist, and Founder of the Lifestyle Wellness Centre and Diabetes Wellness Centre.  She Thrives in Elevating the human experience in her life and in the lives of others. She inspires, empowers, and educates people in a way that heightens their awareness to live their best quality of life.

Cheryl is Accepting Special Assignments for television, radio and media interviews. To invite Cheryl to be a keynote speaker for your event, or to join your panel of experts,  please contact her at www.lifestylewellnesscentre.com and diabeteswellnesscentre.com.  Cheryl customizes keynote speeches based on the theme of your event. To learn more about how to apply to have Cheryl be a Speaker at your event, please visit lifestylewellnesscentre.com/media. To learn the 10 Top Lifestyle Principles to Accelerating your Healing and about the One-on-One Customized Programs, Group Coaching Programs, Retreats, and Webinars, please visit  www.lifestylewellnesscentre.com, www.diabeteswellnesscentre.com





I’m Theresa Kepple, a Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach. I guide women in midlife to heal themselves, regain energy, and shape lives that feed their souls.

I love how my body feels when I fuel it with whole foods. I have amazing energy and enjoy my life.

But it wasn’t always this way.

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Sheryl Gill is a vibrant HEALTH & WELLNESS EXPERT, SPEAKER & COACH helping renovate people’s health, home and heart. She has inspired many audiences as an ambassador of the Heart and Stroke Foundation with her success stories as a cardiac arrest survivor. She has also delivered empowering talks for the Hospital for Sick Kids Symposium, the Federation of Women Teachers’ Associations of Ontario (FWTAO) and Sun Life Financial.

Sheryl has been an Official Spokesperson for Becel Heart & Stroke Ride for Heart and appeared in their national TV commercials. She has been featured on numerous TV programs such as Rogers TV’s “Focal Point”, Daytime Toronto and CP24’s “Wylde on Health”. Demonstrating her passion for unique food creations she starred on HGTV’s “Chef Worthy” winning the competition. Sheryl’s dream is to inspire the masses to really know we all have control over our health and to take responsibility to live a long, active life. See: www.sherylgill.com

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Women’s Transformational Coach // Reiki Master // Certified Nutritional Practitioner // Tanrika Earth Priestess // Yoga Teacher

I support women who want to feel radiant! Women who feel disconnected from self and want to deepen their relationships, reconnect to their body, and reignite the sensuality and pleasure in life.

Using a Tantric approach, embodiment practices, breathwork and mindset resets we get to the root, rewiring the programming around pleasure and worth. You will tune-in to your womb on a deep level, align with your higher-self and awaken your inner goddess, radiating confidence, femininity, and power.

After living in New York studying Tantra, Ayurveda, Somatic and Energetic Bodywork with world renowned masters, I came to Toronto to study nutritional medicine so I could serve women with a fully integrative approach. After working with me, women are able to heal relationships in all aspects of their life. Most importantly, their relationship to self.

Try this: Place your hands over your womb. Take 10 deep breaths. Can you hear her?

Connect to your body, journey with like-minded women, and reignite joy and pleasure in your life! Have a free discovery call for Lunar Goddess >> https://calendly.com/jenniferpolansky/

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Whatever your age, we’re passionate about making you feel young and energised. We use state of the art treatments to reverse the signs of aging, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, treat areas of pigmentation and minimise acne scars.

We’re proud to offer all the services we do, and we’re waiting to make you look, and feel,incredible and confident. You’ll feel so good, and have such a glow that everyone will be asking for your secret to looking so good. We won’t tell, if you don’t.

Wonder Woman

Michaela guides conscious-minded, ambitious women to uplevel their mastery, taking their business and life to places they never thought possible, by bridging the physical and spiritual. They reclaim their inner spark, breakthrough challenges, establish a deeper connection to their spiritual power and insight. This empowers them to fully experience their soul’s authentic mission.

Determined to triumph adverse situations, Michaela developed a strong connection with the Divine, unleashing her gifts of intuition and healing. Along with her left-brained business savvy, Michaela found soul-utions and received miracles.

Allow Michaela to take you on a journey to your next level of passion, purpose and prosperity. Awaken more joy, self-love, magic and miracles.

Please connect with me LinkedIn for more information or email me at michaela@awakenthemastery.com for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.