How has laser hair removal technology evolved over the years? How does Sherlase stay on top?

Decades ago, before Sherlase Clinic introduced laser hair removal to the Markham area, the most innovative way to remove hair was electrolysis. There were other methods that are still around today – such as waxing, threading, shaving and depilatory creams – but these require more frequent maintenance.

When laser hair removal technology was new, the lasers could only be used on fairer skin tones because of the extreme difficulty in targeting hair follicles in deeper tones. There used to be gels involved that conducted the laser’s heatwaves; this intensified the temperature, resulting in a far less tolerable experience than you’d feel undergoing laser hair removal today. Back then, this treatment wasn’t done with success on patients with deeper complexions. The risk of burning due to sensitivity of the laser’s heat was just too great.

Thankfully, laser hair removal technology has improved leaps and bounds year after year. Today, the machines here at Sherlase Clinic allow us to work safely and effectively with patients of all skin tones. There is no gel involved, so the process is less messy. To combat the laser’s heat, our modern machines spray cryo with each zap of the laser, helping cool the treated area immediately. This makes the process much more tolerable.

(Some insight on the release of heat energy into the skin that you may find interesting: the quicker the zap, the deeper the heatwave penetrates, resulting in a more “intense” feeling. The longer the zap, the shallower the heatwave travels, resulting in a more comfortable feeling. Laser hair removal intensity used depends on skin tone.)

At Sherlase Clinic, we strive to stay current with all things laser hair removal by continuously updating our training in techniques and technologies, and staying educated about changes in the industry. We consistently train to ensure we don’t miss a thing. Providing our patients with the very best service – and maintaining our standing as one of top destinations for laser hair removal – are our top priorities