The Inner Circle

by Carolina M. Billings

Good Girls Gone Great

Fifty & Feeling Fabulous

If I had known how fabulous life in my late 40’s early 50’s was going to be I would not have ever believed it.  Ladies some of you know exactly what I am talking about.  You know exactly who you are and most important you know how to get it. Everything is better!

Your late 40’s and 50’s are the grown up version of your early 20’s.  When everything you’ve got is at its best.  Victor Hugo said that

“Your 40’s is the old age of your youth and your 50’s the youth of your old age

So let’s live it UP!

In the last three years I have been able to check off more bucket list items than I had in the last two decades combined.  Finishing my masters, starting my PhD, writing my first two books!!!!!!!! Hurray on that front!!!!! Started my own social impact enterprise, I became my own brand and learned to say “No, that does not work for me.  Thank you” bye bye.

I am not saying all these things to brag.  I am saying all those things to inspire.  For the ladies that know what I am talking about and have experienced the same thing you know it. 

Hell Yeah. 

If you are not feeling this way.  Let’s talk about it.

Your late 40’s and 50’s are definitely a time of great change.  Kids may be off to school, there is a lot of separation and divorce at this time.  If this is the case it also means you may be moving to a new home.   Women seem to be exiting corporate at very high rates around this age.  I read a statistic that 80%+ of all women starting businesses are over 40 years old.  And to place the cherry on the cake our bodies are changing.  Hormones, Collagen, dating again…I can see how if change is not one of your core values this may seem well overwhelming.

Imagine going through everything I just described above all at once.  Yes, that was me.  Being the super-freak that I am, I thrive during times of chaos.  I am not alone.   Winston Churchill was a great war prime minister.  Not-so-good during peace time.  I love change.  In fact, I am a change junkie.  I struggle to keep things the same. There is probably medication for it, but I am good with me, no need to fix me.  Needless to say our current 5 second gold fish attention span suits me just great.

I do realize that this is not the case for everyone.  Especially if change and uncertainty are not some of your core values.  The good thing is that you do not have to go through this alone.  Powerful Women Today specializes in “Championing and Empowering Women’s Emotional and Financial Independence”. 

The change in hormones during these period affects both men and women.  If you suddenly feel not like yourself, or other people point out that you are not acting as yourself.  It is because there is a great deal of change occurring in your hormones which means your internal programing is changing. 

This is why all of the sudden you see women putting themselves first, taking greater risks and saying “No thank you that does not work for me” to people and circumstances that no longer serve them. Some theories contemplate that it is the drop in progesterone the nurturing and female hormone and a raise in testosterone.

 This change may be the cause for women to become more decisive at putting their needs first. And this is a beautiful thing!

What has been your experience so far during your late 40’s and early 50’s?

Join the conversation.



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