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How you Win -Win -Win with Powerful Women Today


WIN by supporting a WBE Women Business Enterprise We are owned and operated by women.


WIN by empowering women. Our entire suite of products and services are designed to champion and empower other women.


WIN by making a difference. 10% of all of our profits are directed to registered charities that support women and children.

“If you are going to hire professional services, take continued education courses, attend conference and trade shows, belong to a women’s group, purchase marketing and branding collateral, chose us.
Your budget remains the same but the difference you make will get us one stop closer to
Ending Violence and Abuse against
Women and Children”

Carolina Munoz Billings

What We Do

At Powerful Women Today we are committed to actively advocate to End Violence and Abuse Against Women and Children by addressing structural inequality and other root causes that lead to poverty, violence and the exploitation women and their dependents.

Strengthening Social and Emotional Learning, an approach that teaches women the skills they need to grow their self-worth and self-reliance who are able to work cooperatively with each other.

Promoting Local Living Economies, by strengthening the local-first movement and building a new model for local stewardship of local resources and sustainable communities.

Supporting Indigenous Communities, by lifting up community strengths and drawing on alternative models of leadership and organizing to address centuries-old systems of oppression, colonization and historical trauma, pointing the way toward transformative change that is deeply rooted in generational thinking and ways of life.

Our initiative to End Violence Against Women and Children works in five strategic areas: ending domestic and sexual violence, including child sexual abuse; ending violence against girls and women during and after conflict; ending sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation; achieving economic justice for women and their dependents and championing positive mental health leading to self-esteem and self-acceptance.