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Margaret Hachey
Marg Hachey – GroYourBiz


Margaret Hachey was previously the owner of Duocom Canada Inc. She founded the company in Toronto in 1980 and with organic growth and acquisitions expanded coast to coast. Its success earned it recognition as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Private Companies, two years in a row. Chatelaine and Profit magazine recognized her over a 10 year period as ranking in the top 10 of the Top 100 Women business owners in Canada.

A sought after keynote speaker, Margaret has addressed audiences across the country on various topics. Currently she owns Operation Evergreen Business Group and is the Managing Director for Ontario and Eastern Canada of GroYourBiz.

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Kary Ucke Odiatu

I had baby number 5 earlier this year, after making a comeback in my sport of women’s fitness in May of 2014! So I hit a major rank advancement after a 6 week business push group with a 3 month old baby! NO EXCUSES!! I am back training in the gym and have almost completed my first Isa Body challenge which is documenting the post baby weight loss. I don’t have any plans to compete again – but I will keep doing gymnastics even though I’m in my mid 40’s! My main goal now is to be known for my business building skills not just my fitness skills!

Olivia Speaker
Dr. Oliva Chu – Neuropshychology

Offering a variety of assessment services, including psychodiagnostic, psychoeducational, neuropsychological, gifted and other individual assessments, to examine an individual’s level of cognitive, emotional and behavioural functioning. In addition, providing individual psychotherapy for adults in a safe and supportive environment to help deal with a variety of life’s challenges and guide them to emotional wellness.



Marisa Allen
Marisa Allen- CFE

Did you know that there are over 3200 franchise companies in North America? If you are interested in owning a franchise, how do you know which one is right for you?

As a former franchise owner myself, and a successful corporate career with several franchise companies, I have an in-depth understanding of the world of franchising. I apply my franchising experience and expertise to help individuals identify franchise opportunities that are the best fit for their financial and personal goals. As a professional consultant I work with you on how to conduct a thorough franchise search and help you to find solid choices out of hundreds of brands in all sectors. 


Jacqueline Porter – CFP

Jackie Porter, CFP, Toronto, is an award winning financial planner serving busy professionals, entrepeneurs and their famillies for 18 years. She has been featured on CBC, Sun TV and  BNN. Jackie is also a regular contributor to SLAW Tips, Investment Executive,  Wealth Professional and Divorce Journal.   She  was recently named a FINALIST in the Wealth Professional Women of Influence Award for 2017. The co-author of Single By Chance or By Choice, Jackie is a leading expert in women and money, and a powerful voice in the world of women’s financial empowerment.

Leslie Edwards
Lesley Edwards – Relationship Expert

Helping ambitious single professional women unleash their inner goddess to find the love of their life. Coauthor of best-selling Love & Coaching with Men are from Mars expert Dr John Gray, I am passionate about the kind of love that unlocks our greatest potential, and finding love with way more ease! My mission is for women to know that we are always supported & guided by wisdom & truth greater than we can fathom. A conspiracy by the divine & your own feminine inner goddess, to accept this natural power to fulfill your deepest desires. 

Shellie Speaking Picture
Shellie Deloyer – Bright Futures

As the founder of Bright Futures Education & Career Coaching, I work with both students and adults to help them explore their options, realize their career goals and discover effective strategies for success.
I inspire, motivate and provide clarity towards the life and career you really want to have and to move you into action. 

Through speaking engagements and facilitating workshops, I share my vision and mission of an education system that builds students up and encourages them to seek their own definitions of happiness and success. I share my tools and resources with students, teachers and career-focused adults, allowing them to walk away with insight, goals, and an action plan. 

Jane – “Trainer Jane” – Warr

As “Trainer Jane”, Jane is a Verbal Aikido Communications Coach, and the Authorized Business Partner with the renowned James MacNeil. She delivers his life-transforming experiential educational program, which combines advanced communications skills, emotional intelligence, and the powerful non-adversarial philosophy of the Japanese martial art, Aikido.

As a Business Coach, Trainer Jane delivers powerful seminars and workshops, as well as works with clients one-on-one. She has helped many entrepreneurs with their confidence, presentations skills, and by focusing them on “ethical influence”. She is best known within business coaching, for her unique “Selling on the Spot Marketplace” events, where she challenges entrepreneurs to get out of their comfort zone, learn, network, present, and ask for the sale!, helping them be more productive, build their client base, earn more money, and have more fun!