Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is Powerful Women Today a Networking Group?

Powerful Women Today is a Personal and Professional Development Accelerator.  We focus on measured, evidence based growth.  Unlike other women groups, our focus is on skill development, mentorship and experiential partnership.

Our members learn with us and grow with us.  ÷’

How do I become an Expert with Powerful Women Today?

Becoming an expert is done several ways:

a) By Referral: Our partners, experts and leadership are always on the lookout for mastery and high performance professionals that share our value and commitment to the betterment of women’s emotional and financial independence.

b) By Application:  If a professional wishes to become a member they can begin the process by sending an expression of interest, resume and information regarding their current field/business.  

Either by referral or application, candidates are invited to an interview.  Our team of experts is interdisciplinary and supports exclusivity within an area of impact. 

How is Powerful Women Today Funded?

By applying innovative business approaches, Powerful Women Today can find solutions to women’s challenges—solutions that would be beyond the capacity of traditional charities and non-for-profits. By building partnerships with the business world, leveraging corporate connections, public funding, and facilitating subsidized billable services we fund an infrastructure to scale impact even more,

What is a Social Enterprise?

Powerful Women Today is a Social Enterprise.  The key benefit of social enterprises is sustainability. In an age of declining government funding, ever changing political agendas, traditional not-for-profits find it increasingly difficult to find reliable long-term support for projects.  A huge reason Powerful Women Today choses to be a Social Enterprise is to partner up with Corporations which are Socially Responsible and give back to the community.