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You Can’t Solve What You Can’t See!

E = Eliminate Roadblocks & Discover What’s Holding You Back

By Hailey Patry, Pause. Take a few deep breaths. This post is one that you will want to read, without distractions, and with your journal or notepad handy. I want you to take a break from the chaos of your life, and read this slowly, really considering at each point, what might be in the way of your happiness as a couple. Despite all your best efforts, what seems to be allowing the challenges to win, rather than your efforts to overcome them…Read More

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Cooking with Karen

A Spiritual Touch with Jennifer

How I Fell in Love with Myself and ended up with the life of my dreams.

By Jennifer Polansky.  I always believed that when I found a great job and a man who loved me I would finally feel complete and there would suddenly be this sense of wholeness. When I got what I asked for it didn’t take long for that feeling of “not settled” to kick in. It always felt like something was missing,..

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Hailey Patry

You Can’t Solve What You

You Can’t Solve What You Can’t See! By: Hailey Patry An adaptation from my book: HAPPY LOVE – 5 Essential Steps To Help Frustrated Couples Fall in Love Again In my 5-Step I.D.E.A.L. Love Method… E = Eliminate Roadblocks &

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Carolina Billings

A Shero’s Journey

A Shero’s journey.  One of my favorite books written by Joseph Campbell “The Hero With A Thousand Faces” speaks of the call of adventure to a purpose greater than self. Joseph Campbell explains that (my editorial, my version of it),

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Carolina Billings

Are you a Leader?

Editorial by Carolina M. Billings Are you a Leader? Good, now it is time to take action. November is the official month for awareness and action to end Violence against women with November 25th being designated International day to end

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