Rising over the noise as a coach/Trainer.

If you are a coach or a trainer offering on line courses over the world wide web there is a lot of “noise” on the internet vying for your clients attention.  Unless you have a following of 1000s and you are putting out at least a FBLive everyday, traffic to your on line courses only trickles in.  Powerful Women Today felt this needed to change for our members.  We created an academy for our members to list and link their on line and live courses to.  In utilizing our aggregate of over 3500 followers your exposure dramatically increases.  Powerful Women Today Academy also offers you the option of creating a certification course that is recognized by the Ministry of Education for the Province of Ontario and can be used for second career or return to work qualifications.  We also have two campuses where you can present your live workshops or training. 

Belonging to Powerful Women Today Academy means that you will be part of a course catalogue where we create the hype to support people finding you and signing up for your courses.  This creates an additional way to access to your sales funnel, bringing in more income for you.  Powerful Women Today creates abundant exposures for your courses, including our digital evergreen magazine, our radio broadcasts, our social media campaigns and our virtual summits where we spotlight different courses and profile our coaches and trainers and their offers. 

Powerful Women Today realizes the struggles of having your own business and needing extra support to make your business thrive.  We created the Powerful Women Today Academy to provide a specific support call once a month for all our coaches and trainers.  This call will be lead by Karla Lang,  who is an expert facilitator and understands the importance of women to have a supportive community where they can express themselves, be heard, be seen, be valued and supported without judgement.  Our Powerful Women Today Academy is this community for all our coaches and trainers, you are no longer alone in your business. 

Powerful Women Today Academy also realizes that you may just beginning and need to know how to develop or run a coaching program.  When you are part of the Academy, you are also part of the larger Powerful Women Today aggregate.  You have access to all of our Experts and so that all of your needs for your business are covered.  We specifically have experts that will help you develop your program or tweak your presentation skills so that you can show up with even more confidence.  As part of the Powerful Women Today Academy you will also have access to the larger Powerful Women Today monthly trainings and our live meetings, with options of providing training to the larger aggregate. 

Powerful Women Today Academy is your community, your connection, your place to expand your service and your grifts through on line and in person courses and training.  You are powerful and your belong with us!